Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale

Spin Zone Bumper Cars for sale belong to a kind of bumper car rides and as a kind of whirling and thrilling amusement rides in Beston Company have become hot market attractions in amusement park, shopping mall, gardens and fairground nowadays. With wide applications and various attractive features, Beston Spin Zone Bumper Car added to your park project will be your best choice for attracting more tourists. Email us for more information.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap
BSZ 01 – Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale

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Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale From Beston Company
BSZ 02 – Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale From Beston

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What Are Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale?

Spin Zone Bumper Cars, a kind of amusement rides bumper car, are manufactured with high quality and safe metal, PVC, plastic and rubber as the main materials. The whole body appearance of spin zone bumper car is a round device with rubber equipped in a circle for safe guarantee. There are a seat and two joysticks equipped on the spin zone bumper car. Spin zone bumper car for sale in Beston is decorated with glazing lights and cool sound device, which is generally set up in a certain space with smooth ground, cool lights and color painting and also the safe fence. The LED light on the bumper car ride can coruscate when running. Playing spin zone bumper car is a cool thing trough go head to head with your friends and get battle fun. Welcome to Beston Spin Zone! Any need? Email Us Now!

Cheap Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale From Beston Factory
BSZ 03 – Cheap Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale

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Beston Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap
BSZ 04 – Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap

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Characteristics Of Spin Zone Bumper Cars

  1. Round appearance design and High quality PVC materials
  2. Cool lights and color painting decoration
  3. Amazing Music equipped
  4. Wide application for place and people
  5. New-type amusement park attractions
  6. High safe design and manufacturing
  7. Easy set up and operation
  8. Low spin zone bumper cars price & cost
  9. Customized spin zone bumper cars for sale in Beston
BSZ 05 - Beston Rides Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale
BSZ 05 – Beston Rides Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale

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Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale Beston Factory
BSZ 06 – Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale Beston Factory

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Application Of Spin Zone Bumper Cars Amusement Products

  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars as a kind of battle amusement rides with thrilling and exciting fun are very suitable for family, friends and parents & kids to play in amusement park, fairground, bowling centers, botanical gardens, bounce houses, day cares, stand alone mall attractions and so on.
  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars for sale in Beston Company at low price can lower your spin zone bumper cars cost and this kind bumper car ride can run freely on the smooth floor not the expensive electric floor, such as wood floor, concrete floor, asphalt floor or even the ice floor.

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How To Play Spin Zone Bumper Car Rides?

Riders who can be kids & adults sit in the spin zone bumper car seat well and fasten the safe belt well along your waist. Your two hands hold well the joysticks and control the running directions through shaking the joysticks devices. Beston spin zone bumper car rides are designed with high quality PVC and rubber materials for protecting riders from colliding without damaging. So players can drive the bumper car rides to move forward & backward and turn left & right. It will be much fun to drive the car to collide with people.

How To Set Up A Spin Zone Bumper Car?

Spin Zone Bumper car for sale in Beston is designed to be easy for setting up and operation. Generally it only takes you within 30 minutes to set up a spin zone bumper car ride successfully. Use two hydraulic lifts to lift the two sides of bumper cars up at the push of a button and used an electric wench to lift the tail gate carefully. Pack the cars together in the center eight feet wide space for transport. Put well all the decoration parts such as speaker and lights inside the center space. Run the length of the trailer with the metal awning when the sides are closed and the trailer is buttoned up well.

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Advantages Of Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale In Beston

  • High Safe Guarantee For Beston Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Beston Spin Zone Bumper Cars for sale are equipped with a safe belt for each rider’s waist fixed and make sure each rider plays the bumper car amusement ride more freely and more safe without any worried about flying off the seat when colliding.

  • Widely Application For Adults & Children

Spin Zone Bumper Car players can be adults & kids in ages among 5 and 50 years old. Consider the safety of the activity, players should be in a certain good healthy situation for resisting the thrilling colliding and exciting rolling. Parents can take their child together and friends also can get together to make a battle team to play. If you set a spin zone bumper cars activity that will help you attract more tourists for your park project. Contact Beston for Cheap Spin Zone Bumper Car Carnival Rides.

  • Great Deal Of Fun From Interaction

People all day work and live in the life, which is a little as dry as a chip. So when they come to your park or fairground, you can use some amusement rides with more interactive fun to attract and mobilize them to have a great trip and for the twice time to play. Interaction can increase people’s conversation in the playing process. So spin zone bumper cars as a kind of interactive battle amusement items can drive people’s emotion and fun. If you want or need, just leave us an Email for Free Quote of Spin Zone Bumper Cars Price.

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Specification Of Spin Zone Bumper Cars For Sale

Beston Electric Bumper Cars For Sale

Capacity 200kg
Weight 200kg
Size 2.1m(outer dia.)*0.95m
Material PVC+FRP
Control Remote control(radio control system)
Music Digital DJ
Battery 12V/55AH
Note: The specification above is just for reference. Email us for the detailed information.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Welcome to buy hot-sale amusement park attractions – spin zone bumper cars for your project from professional spin zone bumper cars amusement products manufacturer in China. To attract more tourists and get more profits, it is important to find and buy a great amusement ride for you park. Nowadays, spin zone bumper car as a new type carnival ride with excellent features and safe design can help you realize your dream and make you a great increasing in earnings. Beston is absolutely a professional spin zone bumper cars manufacturer in China has many years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting high quality spin zone bumper car rides to many place, such as baton rouge, Pittsburgh, myrtle beach and Nashville in USA, and also available for any other countries. Any questions and requirements, now Email us for detailed information.

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