Solutions For Breakdown Of Bumper Cars

If you buy bumper cars for your park business, you should know some basic problem about the solution for breakdown of bumper cars. Firstly, don’t worry, if your bumper cars are broken or have some problem that can’t work. It is a normal situation. The most high quality bumper cars will be damaged if you don’t operate them as specified or after years’ use for long time. Just contact the bumper car manufacturer who sold you the bumper car rides. Here are some simple tips & solutions for breakdown of bumper cars.

Solutions For Breakdown Of Bumper Cars - Beston Factory
Solutions For Breakdown Of Bumper Cars

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After half or one years’ use, the bumper cars may happen to some little questions. Such as that the bumper car can’t work when the music is playing normally. You can check if the circuit wafer is connected well and normally. Check and make sure the electric line is connected well and the power is supplied normally. When you find that the bumper car controller is broken, contact a professional bumper cars appliance parts supplier to buy a new controller for change. If the bumper car front wheel has some problem and the steering wheel can’t turn the direction freely, you may check the iron wire and make the wire can hit onto the steering wheel normally, which can solve the problem. If the remote control unit can’t work, you can stir the iron wire and check if you can hear the tick voice. If can’t, the remote control maybe damaged result from the reason of internal short circuit. You just change a new remote control unit.

As a professional bumper car for sale manufacturer, it is guaranteed when you buy bumper cars from Beston Amusement Company. There are maintenance specialists and formal accessories provided for helping you about after-sale service. So, if you buy amusement park bumper car rides, any problem that can be paid attention to and solved by our after-sale service staffs. Welcome to contact Beston and buy high quality bumper car rides for sale now!

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