Introduction For The Types Of Bumper Cars For Sale In Beston

Nowadays, more and more people love to travel to all kinds of amusement parks and theme parks to spend happy and free time with family on vacation. And one of the most popular amusement rides for sale in parks is bumper car rides. There are more and more types of bumper cars for sale on the market with the rapid development of society and technology. In order to satisfy different persons’ different requirements on playing bumper cars, manufacturers and suppliers use their advanced production technology to design and produce all kinds of bumper cars for sale!

Ceiling Grid Electric Bumper Cars - Beston
Ceiling Grid Electric Bumper Cars

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Brief Introduction Of Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are manufactured as a kind of auto motion machine in all kinds of parks for passengers to play through colliding each other. Bumper cars include seat, safe belt, hand control device and protect device.

Types Of Bumper Cars For Sale

There are electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars and inflatable bumper cars manufactured according to different power supply and different materials. There are kids bumper cars, amusement park bumper cars and fairground bumper cars manufactured according to different application.

Ground Grid Electric Bumper Cars - Beston
Ground Grid Electric Bumper Cars

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Electric Bumper car is electrically conductive. Ceiling grid bumper car uses the ceiling to conduct electricity. Ground grid bumper car uses the steel plate of the ground to conduct electricity, which type requires a special floor. Battery operated bumper car uses the battery to drive the operation. Of course, the most important one is the battery bumper car among the three bumper cars, because the battery bumper car requires less investment and does not need a special site. In general, battery bumper car can even drive on the concrete floor or the floor tile. So the battery operated bumper car can just only requires a flat ground.

Battery Operated Bumper Cars - Beston
Battery Operated Bumper Cars

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Battery operated bumper car speed is relatively fast. The bumper cars for sale from Beston bumper car manufacturer use the three-stage gear guide speed to minimize the friction of the bumper car. Therefore, the speed of the bumper car produced by the Beston is relatively high. Compared with the battery operated bumper cars on the market, the car speed is faster. And the bumper car of the Beston bumper car company uses the professional car spray technology to ensure the bright and colorful of the bumper car. Such a Beston bumper car manufacturer’s bumper cars have been loved by the majority of bumper car enthusiasts and operators, so Beston bumper car factory developed a battery bumper car which car also meets all the features of modern bumper car required.

If you are operating an amusement park or theme park business, you may need to buy suitable bumper cars to attract tourists according to your park feature. Here Beston includes your various choices for all types of bumper cars. Just contact us to know bumper cars for further now!

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