Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale

Inflatable Bumper Cars for sale in Beston, a China colorful lights inflatable bumper car factory, as a kind of inflatable amusement rides in amusement parks and theme parks have a big difference in appearance design and structure materials comparing with common bumper cars for sale. Inflatable Bumper Cars are very special for people playing in fairground and can bring riders a new different colliding experience and comfortable riding experience.

Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap
BIBC 01 – Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale

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UFO Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap In Beston
BIBC 02 – UFO Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap

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There are all kinds of customized ufo inflatable bumper cars for sale in Beston Amusement Company. Welcome to buy colorful lights inflatable bumper car for sale cheap! Email Us Now!

Introduction Of Inflatable Bumper Cars

Inflatable Bumper Cars belong to inflatable amusement products and also a kind of bumper car rides. Different with common bumper car structure material, Inflatable Bumper Car is manufactured with the main material of inflatable PVC surrounding all the car body. Similar with common bumper car ride composition, inflatable bumper car ride is composed of strong chassis, steering wheel, seats and safety belt.

Beston inflatable bumper cars for sale with charging mode can keep storage of battery for 4~5 hours after being charged for 8~12 hours. Amusement park rides inflatable bumper car is more free and convenient to play in all kinds of places. Inflatable bumper car rides for sale in Beston are painted for various types with beautiful colors and patterns, which are very attractive as a kind of amusement rides for passengers. Buy china colorful lights inflatable bumper car from Beston factory will be your best choice for earning good profits in your parks project. Welcome to contact us for free quote now!

Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap
BIBC 05 – Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale

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Buy Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale With Colorful Lights From Beston
BIBC 06 – Buy Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale With Colorful Lights

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Good Features Of Inflatable Bumper Cars

  • Inflatable Bumper Cars are decorated with glaring LED lights and comfortable seats.
  • Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars are strong and fastness with heat treatment for PVC materials.
  • Beston amusement park inflatable bumper car has elegant appearance and is designed for obvious block subdivision.
  • Inflatable Bumper Cars are high safe & quality and are suitable for playing by children and adults.
  • Inflatable Bumper Car can be used in all kinds of amusement places of parks, fairground and shopping mall with the strong storage capacity of the battery.
  • Beston china colorful lights inflatable bumper car is powered supplied by the charging mode.
  • Inflatable Bumper Car amusement rides have features of low investment and high return.
  • Inflatable Bumper Cars for sale in Beston can be customized in size and color.

Excellent Advantages Of Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars

  • Dynamic Design: Cool appearance and New style attract more passengers to play.
  • Colorful Lights: Intelligent and Reasonable lighting design for bodywork brings attractive brightness dazzle the eyes.
  • Shocking Sound: Excellent subwoofer and high quality sound build a beautiful music atmosphere.
  • Air Cushion Colliding: More Interactive and interesting colliding games by more 2 persons in a safe condition.
  • Adjustable Speed Threshold: Equipped with two different speed thresholds for wide played by passengers.
  • Bright Colors: Outstanding painting design with various bright colors.

Working Principle Of Inflatable Bumper Car Amusement Rides

Different from common amusement rides bumper car, Inflatable bumper cars need to be recharged for 8~12 hours and then can keep working for about 4~5 hours. Inflatable bumper car has two available types of speed threshold for your changing. You can ride in the seat and control the inflatable bumper car rides to keep moving or stop through turning the steering wheel or press on the brake. You can control the inflatable bumper car to run forward & backward and also stop. Inflatable bumper car is a special and interesting amusement ride with safe guarantee. Simple operation, safe structure design and interesting colliding are attractive to people. Various colorful lights inflatable bumper cars for sale in Beston here are waiting for your inquiry.

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Specification Of Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale

Beston Electric Bumper Cars For Sale

Battery DC 12V, 55AH*2pcs
Packing Size 1.4*1.4*1.1M
Speed 3km—5km/h
Material PVC 0.9MM
Diameter 1.9M
Refresh Time 6-8 hours
Service Time Once 6-8 hours
Note: The specification above is just for reference. Email us for the detailed information.

Buy Colorful Lights Inflatable Bumper Car

It is the key point that how to choose the suitable inflatable bumper cars when you are operating a park or fairground. Here suggestion for you to find a professional amusement bumper car rides manufacturer and buy colorful lights inflatable bumper car ride arranged in your park or fairground to attract more tourists with their beautiful colorful appearance and interesting features. Because people always love the high quality amusement bumper car equipment with special and attractive appearance which are not only safe but also fun and enjoyable. So you can contact Beston to find more styles of inflatable bumper cars with colorful lights if you are interested in increasing your profits for your business.

Colorful Lights Inflatable Bumper Car Manufacturer

Inflatable Bumper Cars with colorful light for sale in Beston Amusement Company are high safe, quality and cheap. Beston, as a professional inflatable bumper cars manufacture in China, has own professional large amusement rides manufacturing factory with professional staffs & designers and production line. With many years’ experience of manufacturing and exporting China low price colorful lights inflatable bumper car rides to many countries of UK, South Africa, Russia, Dubai, South Africa, USA, Osaka, Vienna, Atlanta ga, Kazakhstan, Canada, Singapore, Chicago, Japan, Spanish, NJ and Seattle, Saudi Arabia, Orlando, Ontario, Edinburgh, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Palestine, Nigeria, Botswana, Scotland, India, Indonesia, Korean and Las vegas that all around the world, Beston must be your best choice to buy cheap inflatable bumper cars for sale in stock now. Welcome to Email Beston for Discount Price.

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