Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

Fairground Bumper Cars sale cheap as a kind of attractive and popular amusement rides to many countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Pakistan and so on. There are all types of customized fairground bumper cars for sale with cool LED lights and colorful painting in Beston Company. Welcome to Email us for low price fairground bumper cars now!

Fairground Bumper Cars Sale In Beston Company
BFB 01 – Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

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Various Fairground Bumper Cars Sale Cheap
BFB 02 – Fairground Bumper Cars Sale Cheap

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Fairground is a permanent place for gathering people to conduct various entertainment activities or amusement rides. Bumper car as a kind of common fairground amusement rides for sale now has been designed and manufactured to be various types. Here will introduce some special types of Beston fairground bumper cars for sale.

What Is Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

Fairground Bumper Cars sale in Beston is a kind of amusement rides for providing people who playing them with exciting fun and thrilling feeling. Fairground bumper cars’ main part is bumper cars car that is the bumper car body, which generally is made of high quality and safe fiberglass, metal, steel and rubber materials. And also there is one kind of inflatable fairground bumper cars for sale in Beston, which is designed and manufactured with inflatable PVC as the main material. Fairground bumper cars are composed of seats, safe belt, running bottom and also the power supply item.

Ceiling Grid Fairground Bumper Car For Sale In Beston
Ceiling Grid Fairground Bumper Car For Sale In Beston

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Ceiling Grid Fairground Bumper Car
Ceiling Grid Fairground Bumper Car

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Fairground bumper cars sale generally with attractive appearance design and are painted with beautiful colors and also decorated with glazing LED lights. All these special design and equipment are made for attract more tourist to play the bumper cars for sale in the fairground. If you are as a business man in a fairground, you may need to buy some good and profitable amusement products to attract more people and earn more money from your project. Now, here advise you to find a professional fairground bumper cars factory to buy some customized fairground bumper cars according to your actual requirements at low price.

Features Of Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

  1. Various types of customized fairground bumper cars for available
  2. Wide applications on the ground, water and ice
  3. Glazing colorful LED lights decoration
  4. High safe fiberglass and PVC manufacturing materials
  5. High quality sound device equipped
  6. Beautiful and anti-rust color painting
  7. Be popular among adults and children in fairground

List Of Fairground Bumper Car Rides

  1. Electric Fairground Bumper Cars
    Electric Fairground Bumper Cars include two types of ground-grid bumper cars and ceiling-grid bumper cars. They are all power supplied by electric. Ground-grid bumper car is connected to the ground floor and power supplied through an electric conducting rod. Ceiling-grid bumper car is connected to the ceiling and power supplied by the electric ceiling grid. This kind electric fairground bumper car needs special space for running freely. Electric fairground bumper car is manufactured with metal and fiberglass as the main materials and also the car body is equipped with the rubber tire for protecting people in a safe condition when playing and bumping freely on the smooth ground.
  2. Battery Fairground Bumper Cars
    Battery Fairground Bumper cars can be manufactured to be various types, such as metal bumper cars and inflatable cars with different materials and different appearance design, which are mainly power supplied by the batteries. Don’t need electric conductor to connect, Batter fairground bumper cars can run on the smooth floor or water floor or even ice floor freely. Battery fairground bumper cars can be customized to be many beautiful and special shapes and sizes. Welcome to email us for customized battery fairground bumper cars.
  3. Inflatable Fairground Bumper Cars
    Inflatable Fairground Bumper Cars are made of inflatable PVC material and are painted with beautiful colors, and also equipped with colorful LED lights. Inflatable fairground bumper cars are potable amusement rides that can be used conveniently and operated easily. And one of the importance factors is that the inflatable fairground bumper cars for sale at low price and spends you low cost. Welcome to contact us for low price inflatable fairground bumper cars now!
  4. Spin Zone Fairground Bumper Cars
    Spin Zone fairground bumper car, as its special PVC and rubber manufacturing materials, has wide application on smooth floor, ice floor and water surface and so on. Spin zone fairground bumper car is equipped with seats and joysticks. Riders can control the running directions through turning the hand joysticks, such as run forward & backward and turn left & right freely. It is a fun and interesting thing to run fairground bumper car on the smooth ground safely.
  5. Water Fairground Bumper Cars
    Water fairground bumper car is one of the most popular activities in the fairground in summer. Under the hot weather, as a tourist you will like the game of water fairground bumper car that is attractive for adults and children. It generally is an inflatable pool space where the bumper car made of inflatable PVC material can run on the water surface safely without sinking. In summer, everyone will love this water fairground bumper car project in the fairground and which will bring more profits through attracting more people to play for fun on the water through bumping safely. Experience the water bumper car game will be good enjoyment for you.
  6. Ice Fairground Bumper Cars
    Ice Fairground Bumper Cars for sale generally in the special place such as ski resort in the fairground. Ice world is an attractive and amazing place with various interesting activities for adults and kids playing. Generally there is ice world built in the fairground. And the ice fairground bumper cars are the popular project for attracting more tourists and also earn more profits. Ice fairground bumper cars are manufactured with PVC and rubber as the main materials for bumper car body that they can run on the ice floor freely and safely. If you are a business man in fairground, you will need to buy the ice fairground bumper cars for your project. Find a professional fairground bumper cars supplier and Contact us now!

Various Cheap Beston Fairground Bumper Cars Sale!

Professional Fairground Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Beston Company is a professional fairground bumper cars manufacturer with own large amusement rides bumper cars factory in China. With many years’ manufacturing and exporting experience, Beston can provide customers with all types of customized high quality fairground bumper cars to many countries such as UK, USA, Canada and Pakistan and so on. If you have any requirements on fairground bumper cars sale project, now contact us for free quote and detailed information!

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